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Conservatories & Porches Home Improvement

Conservatory & Porch Quotes by Local Home Improvement Companies


A Consevatory is a room which has both a glass roof and walls and is usually only attached to one side of a house. Believe it or not Conservatories were originally used by wealthy landowners in the sixteenth centuary to cultivate exotic fruits that were brought to these shores by traders

The UK has many great examples of traditional Conservatories such as Kew Gardens in London or the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh which both house some wonderful plants and creatures but these days Conservatories are more commonly used as an extra room in resedential properties rather than for their horticultural usability

Conservatories are legally defined in the UK as "building that has at least 50% of it's side wall area glazed and more than 75% of its roof glazed with translucent materials" and most residential conservatories are constructed with hardwood such as Teak, Mahogany or Sapele.

Many arguements can be given on either side of the fence for the inclusion of a conservatory within your property but the main arguement for is that it provides you with way to expandyour living space whilst enabling you to enjoy your Patio and Garden all year round regardless of the inclement UK weather which allows you to implemement external garden plants and features within the new room.

Having a conservatory will also increase the amount of light that enters your property in a cost effective and efficient manner and are usually exempt from most building regulations and planning restrictions which means that unlike a brick extension to your property, a conservatory wont cause major disruptions to your household during construction and planning stages, whilst their desirablity can increase the value of your home in the future.


Porches in the UK usually differ from their American counterparts as they are often a lot smaller and enclosed to protect from the UK weather. Built at the front of the home a porch can provide extra security between your main front door and the outside world which can provide the family with more space in the home whilst creating an inviting entrance to their home. As long as the porch is built at ground level, the ground measure externally does not exceed three square metres and it is not be within two metres of the highway or any other building boundary then there is no need for planning permission to be sought making it an easy way to add to the size and value of your home.

Adding an attractive porch to your home can help increase the value of your home whilst at the same time providing you with a way to save on your energy bills. By installing double glazing with your porch you can protect your house from outside noise and reduce your energy costs, with some people reporting savings of up to 12% on their heating costs alone. Porches also provide an extra layer of security between your home and the outside world as they act as a buffer between the main front door of your house and outside.









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