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Who are iWant Quotes

iWant Quotes are an independant Home Improvement Quote provider who work with Local Companies in your are to provide you with the best quotes available to ensure that you pay the best available price for your home improvements. We work with companies who can quote on all aspects of Home Improvements including Double & Triple Glazing, all types of Doors including uPVC and Composite, Conservatories and Porches.

We work closely with Local Companies to ensure that iWant Quotes customers get the best available price on their Home Improvements Quotes.

We select the best 3 quotes from a number of these companies and pass your details over to them. iWant Quotes customers have been known to save up to 50% on quotes they have self sourced simply by filling in our simple online form.


Benefits of Home Improvements

There are number of benefits to installing the latest range of home improvements to your home but the main benefit in the current financial climate is cost.

By fitting the latest technologically advance home improvements you can save vast amounts of your hard earned money on your energy bills as advancements in home improvements have increased the energy efficiency of all aspects of the Home Improvement market.

In the Glazing industry alone massive advances have taken place which may not be noticeable to the naked eye. All windows installed in the UK now come with a Window Energy Rating (WER).

These WER's work the same way as with Electrical and Gas Appliances with ratings ranging from A-G with A being the most energy efficient and G being the least efficient. These ratings help you as a consumer to choose new Double or Triple Glazed windows with confidence knowing that you will save money on your energy bills with new windows.









All of our quotes come from local double glazing companies in your area and are completely NO OBLIGATION ensuring that not only do you get the best price but the money spent goes to a local company not a national brand so why not see if you can save money on your Glazing Quotes by filling in our NO OBLIGATION Quote form NOW