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Garage Door Quotes by Local Home Improvement Companies

Garage Doors

Garage-DoorsGarage Doors come in all sizes with a number of different opening mechanisms. Up and Over doors come in both single and double door styles and swing open at an angle to allow the door(s) to slide back into the garage at roof level creating enough space to easily manouver a car inside.


Short Driveway? No Problem with a Roller door which opens vertically with no swing. Roller Doors typically come with a PVC boUp and Over Garage Doorsttom weather strip to keep your garage free from the elements.

Sectional garage doors open vertically upwards at an angle of 90 degrees to give you the benefit of the Roller System with the practicality of Up and Over doors to allow for more storage.

Side Hinged Garage doors follow the traditional route of opening outwards on a side hinge which gives a simplistic yet robust approach to a garage door which has stood the test of time.


Benefits of Replacing your Garage Doors

uPVC Garage DoorOne of the biggest benefits of a new garage door is that it improves the appearance of your home especially if the garage is attached to the front of the house. With a range of colours available to you, a new garage door can put your personality at the very forefront of your house.

More and more people are using their garage as additional storage Roller Garage Doorand not for vehicles and with a new garage door this can protect your stored items as insulated garage doors keep the heat out in summer whilst trapping it in the winter, which help reduce energy costs at the same time as protecting your stored items. New style garage doors also require a lot less maintenance than their wooden predecessors as they don't require painting and they wont rot leaving you more time to do the things that you enjoy










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