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Sliding Sash Window Quotes by Local Home Improvement Companies

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash Windows are known for their elegance and class. Whether you live in a traditional period property or live in a house both modern inside and out, vertical sliders can add a touch of period charm to your home. Sash windows were traditionally manufactured using timber; however with Britains inclement climate, timber framing can cause problems to homeowners when not maintained properly including rotting, rattling, peeling and draughtiness.

In a bid to solve these issues we have seen an increase in Window Companies manufacturing vertical sliding sash windows using uPVC. As well as being a more cost effective option, uPVC vertical sliders allow homeowners to have the look and feel of traditional Sash Windows with all the benefits that come with with the low maintenance of uPVC

Benefits of Sliding Sash Windows

Having uPVC Sliding Sash windows not only gives your home a classic period look but do so whilst giving all the benefits of uPVC Double Glazing. This reduces the amount of maintenance that you have to carry out as uPVC never rots, rattles or peels and protects against draughts as it is fully sealed with rubber seals.

The double glazing provided with sliding sash windows is perfect for keeping out unwanted noises with its great sound insulation and keeps your home warm by the inner pane reflecting the heat back into the room which in turn saves you money by reducing your energy bills









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