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uPVC & Composite Door Quotes by Local Home Improvement Companies

uPVC Doors

UPVC is an acronym for unplasticised poly vinyl chloride, a material that has many uses including doors, windows, guttering and pipes. When used in the construction of windows and doors it is wrapped around a core made of galvanised steel, which makes UPVC much stronger than the traditional woods that were used for doors.

As a material UPVC does not have the same problems as wood in damp climates, which means it will last longer without needing major repairs or an excessive maintenance. UPVC doors have grown in popularity, particularly since it has been possible to purchase UPVC windows and doors in colours other than the traditional white of UPVC. Not only are there many different colours available in UPVC now, it is also possible to have doors with a wood grain finish or with the look of oak or cherry wood, more like a traditional door.

 If you do decide to upgrade your home then you would be adding extra value to your property if you have UPVC doors installed. If you do decide to move house in the future, new windows and doors can increase the price that you would normally expect for the property. UPVC doors have many other benefits, from improving the look of your property to giving you a number of different options in terms of the look of your door, the amount of glass in the door and the security they provide.

As UPVC doors are made in different shapes and sizes you should be able to ensure your door is the right size and shape for your home and if your door is not of standard size or shape this is easily overcome as they can custom made, Admittedly this will increase the cost of your door, however it pales in comparison to the price of altering the structure of your house to change the shape of the doorway.



Composite Doors

Composite doors are the newcomer to the door industry and combine the best of both wooden and uPVC doors, whilst designing out the flaws that come from both of those types.

Composite doors are designed to give a wooden look but is made from a variety of materials including wood and PVC as opposed to the single material options available. Because of this Composite doors have a high resistance to weathering, and despite their wooden look, they do not discolour and are low maintenance which ensures they always look great. Thier overall quality sets a new standard in the door industry

Composite doors are filled with an insulating foam core which provides a high level of thermal resistance, keeping the heat in your house and helping to reduce energy costs. They also provide more strength than uPVC doors which increases the level of security in the home as the main door is sturdy and durable.









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