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French Doors Home Improvement

French and Patio Door Quotes by Local Home Improvement Companies

French Doors

French doors are doors that can either come with small multiple windows that run for the full length of the door or as doors with a pane of Full Glass. and are perfect for people looking to increase the natural sunlight in the home. The small windows are divided from each other by mullions which provide a decorative look to the stylish doors whereas the Full Glass model allows an optimum amount of sunlight in. Traditionally French Doors are made from hardwood however in recent time uPVC French Doors have become more popular due to their durability and lack of maintenance needs and are available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit your home. French Doors increase the security of your home as they are internally beaded and have multiple locking systems as standard which means that the doors lock in numerous locations

The biggest benefit of French Doors are the increase of natural sunlight where they have been fitted as an external door which can make your home a more fun and happy place as the natural light illuminates more floor space, whereas using French Doors internally gives the illusion of making the home seem more spacious and less enclosed. Internal French Doors can also help reduce your energy costs as heat is not lost to other sections of the house and is kept in the room by the doors

Patio Doors

Patio doors are a type of sliding door which gives outside access from a room within the house. Usually constructed from two panels of glass, one remains static whilst the other is attached to a sliding mechanism to allow the sliding open of the doors to the patio or balcony. The doors have anti lift blocks fitted to ensure that the doors stay in place. Due to the full glass panel look of the doors they are great for letting in natural sunlight into the house and can let you enjoy the view of your garden despite the inclement UK weather ensuring you stay nice and warm even if it is raining outside. Made from a number of different materials including aluminium, steel, stainless steel or the most popular choice uPVC this ensures low maintenance as they won't warp, flake or rust giving you more time to enjoy the view

One of the main benefits of installing patio doors is that it can help light up the darkest of rooms in the house by providing natural sunlight to flood into the house, lifting the gloom and darkness. They provide an affordable way of providing another entrance into the property and can be fitted in the bedroom to provide access to a balcony or a private entrance to your garden or patio area









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