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Roofline Quotes by Local Home Improvement Companies

What is Roofline

The term Roofline is used to describe the Fascia, Gutters, Bargeboards, Soffits and Cladding that form the front of a house directly underneath the roof and eaves. Traditionally these were made of wood The Fascia boards run along the actual roofline of your property to protect the roof and the interior of your home from moisture and acts as a finishing trim over the ends of the properties rafters and tresses providing the roof with a smooth even look to which the gutters are normally connected.

The area underneath the Fascia is known as the Soffits which provide ventilation onto the roof area which can help to reduce condensation build up on the roof and is the part of the roofline that you are most likely to see from street level

Rain Gutters are troughs which connect to the roofline on the Fascia Boards which collect rain water and drain it away through drainpipes to stop the water from damaging your sidings, windows, doors and foundations. Because of the open nature of these gutters regular cleaning is advised to ensure that leaves and other debris that land in them does not lead to clogging as this can cause damage if they overflow Bargeboards are the boards used on the gable ends of houses and the condition of these boards can either add to or detract from the look of the whole house .

Roof cladding can also be known as roofing. Roof cladding is used in order to give your roof a weatherproof layer and to stop water and other elements from entering your home. As well as the protection aspect of the roof cladding, it is also used to provide a decorative element to your home. The roof is one of the largest exterior parts of the home so you want to choose a style and colour that is in keeping with your home’s period. As well as the roof of your home, roof cladding is also used for other structures such as gazebos, patios, pergolas, sheds, and so on.

Benefits of Roofline

Wood by its very nature is a porous material which leaves it open to damage from insects such as woodworm and other potential animals as well as from decay caused by water and other natural elements.

By replacing your wooden roofline with high quality uPVC roofline products you are protecting yourself from costly structural damage from woodworm as uPVC never rots uPVC Roofline can also come with hidden ventilation built in to all aspects of the roofline allowing the individual components to breathe and prevents condensation and dampness in your loft or roof space uPVC Roofline is also very easy to maintain as it never cracks, flakes, pink or peel and can be restored to their original look by wiping clean once a year without the need for buying paint and spending hours painting the individual elements which make up the roofline









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