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Double and Triple Glazing Quotes by Local Home Improvement Companies

Double Glazing

Your home's double glazing operates just like fibreglass batts and woollen clothing. It traps a layer of air between two panes. Air is a very poor conductor of heat, so the trapped layer sets up a blanket of protection between cold air on one side and warm on the other. Glass itself is a very good conductor. So in a home without double glazing, heat is going straight out the window. Heating (or cooling) bills are reduced in the double-glazed home.

There are benefits of using Low E glass in the double glazing. Low Emissivity glass is completely transparent but provides an ultimate reduction of heat loss. Sit next to a window in a double-glazed home. Notice the absence of draughts and cold spots. See, too, how messy condensation is dramatically reduced. Special glass types can be used in double glazing for safety toughening, security, fire resistance of designer looks.

Apart from the energy efficiency savings that double glazing helps provide, Double glazing also offers many other benefits. Double Glazing provides acoustic insulation which can help reduce outdoor noise which is perfect if you happen to live next to a busy road or you live in a highly populated area. It also provides additional security as due to its composition and design it's difficult to break through.

Double Glazing also reduces condensation as the heat is reflected back into the room leaving the inner pane of the glass warmer, this reduction is also coupled with all round rubber seams in the frames of the windows which ensures that no draughts can get in, even in very windy areas. This can lead to an addition to the overall insulation properties of the window, and with a high quality frame this increase can be as high as 30%, which in real terms saves on your heating costs

Triple Glazing

In the same way that Double Glazing traps air between two panes of glass, Triple Glazing utilises three panes of glass to help provide further improvements in sound and thermal insulation.

The three panes of glass are built into a window frame which is sealed with an air gap in between each pane. Whereas with Double Glazing there would be one air gap, with Triple Glazing there would be two individual air gaps. In order to provide further insulation, these gaps can be filled with gases such as xenon, krypton or argon which helps reduce the heat loss even further.

The sealed window frame is normally made of wood or uPVC. In most European countries Triple Glazing has been popular for a number of years whilst lagging behind its Double Glazing counterpart in the UK but in recent years this trend is starting to reverse due to the excellent benefits that it provides.

One of the biggest benefits of Triple Glazing is the thermal insulation that it provides and because it keeps your house warmer then your energy bills should decrease, infact Triple Glazing is estimated to save you one third more on your heating costs than Double Glazing. The thickness of the windows is a major factor in providing the improved sound insulation which means that even if you live in a built up area or next to a main road that your house should be protected from most of the noise produced









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